The Southside neighborhood in Jacksonville is a large and mostly newer population center in Jacksonville. Encompassing the area between Arlington and Mandarin and stretching out to the Intercoastal, Southside is an area of growing population density.

Rental Partners has several properties managed in Southside. It is an area of diverse single-family homes, condominiums and apartment complexes, much of which have been constructed in just the last few decades. Southside is home to large regional headquarters of several companies, including Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Merrill Lynch and Johnson & Johnson.

The campus of the University of North Florida, with an enrollment of nearly 15,000 students, is found just off of I-295 in Southside. Southside is also home to the two largest shopping centers in Jacksonville. The Avenues Mall is a two-story indoor shopping mall with over 150 stores located directly on Southside Boulevard. The St. John’s Town Center is an elegant and upscale open-air mall that was built in 2005 with recent phases completed in 2014. It comprises over 140 retail stores, and also contains the largest collection of restaurants in the Southside area.

Southside also has a wide array of sports facilities, parks, and boasts seven golf courses. For those that are looking for newer city living in an area with a broad highway infrastructure and the most convenient shopping areas Jacksonville has to offer, Southside is a neighborhood that should be explored.