International And Out Of Town Investors

Are you an Out of Town Investor buying Real Estate in Jacksonville, Florida?

Jacksonville, Florida is popular among international buyers due to its wonderful location, rental rates, current real estate prices and capital appreciation potential. Rental Partners has helped and advised many international real estate investors on their acquisition of real estate in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We understand that a major component of successful real estate investing is finding the right management team for your investment, including large multi-unit complexes. Our knowledge of market trends, cap rates, property values and our extensive networking skills benefits each investor.

And not only, can we help in the property management realm, but Rental Partners can also perform the rehab and repairs. After that is complete, we will then find you qualified tenants, manage the property on your behalf and handle the day to day activities including leasing, maintenance, property reporting and administration.

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Do you a need Property Manager in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you are located outside of the general area of Jacksonville, Florida chances are you will need a good property manager to retain your sanity. One that will have your best interest in mind as well as one that genuinely cares about your tenant(s). One that answers after hour maintenance calls and answers questions immediately that your tenant or a potential tenant may have.

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Rental Partners will keep you in the loop while you are away

Rental Partners will be your eyes and ears while you are away. We have many licensed Florida real estate agents and managers that you will be able to text, call or email at any time should you have any questions. You will also know what is going on with your managed property through your own personal Owner’s Portal. From there you can see previous statements, rental payments, notes and expenses. All that you will need is an internet connection and your log-in.

What Foreign Investors Should Know Before Purchasing Us Property

Due to very specific tax ramifications, Rental Partners suggest that all Foreign Investors contact a real estate attorney and read more about IRS requirements.

For instance, W-8ECI Form: This is for non resident aliens and other foreign investors. Both must complete this form which certifies a foreign person’s income is connected with the conduct of a trade to business in the U.S. Below you will find the form and instructions.

Also, a foreign investor MAY need an individual Tax Payer Identification Number or ITIN W-7 Form.

All of these questions and concerns need to be addressed through a real estate attorney or a private accountant. We have included some of the links for your review only.