Rental PartnersDrive south along Roosevelt Blvd., parallel to Riverside/Avondale area, and you will eventually run into another beautiful community running alongside the St. Johns River as well. Ortega was recently named the 46th wealthiest neighborhood in the U.S. by Worth magazine and is home to the Florida Yacht Club, the oldest yacht club in the state. It is full of charming homes from smaller bungalows to Riverside estates. You will find that many of the Jacksonville rentals in this area consist of homes with back yards rather than apartments or duplexes.

It’s winding softly curved roads will lead you to breathtaking views of parks, schools, tree-lined streets, a view of the downtown waterfront, sailboats and yachts. The community has a small but lovely shopping district, which becomes center stage for Ortega’s Annual Fall Festival. There, you will find laughing children, caramel apples, horse and buggy rides, carved pumpkins and families making great memories.

Rental PartnersContinue to drive south about 1-mile and you will run into Venetia…a waterfront area of Jacksonville, Florida and the home to the all loved Timuquana Country Club…with great golfing, tennis and sailing. It is right near the intersection of Timuquana Rd and Roosevelt Blvd and is about 1 mile from NAS Jax. Metro Jacksonville states named for the Venetia region in northeast Italy, this Westside neighborhood’s development began in 1925 by a company headed by Dr. Raymond Turck, who was chief surgeon at St. Luke’s Hospital from 1910-1916. The development of Venetia Manor (Venetia, south of Timuquana Rd.) began in 1951.

Most of the neighborhood streets have Italian names such as Garibaldi Avenue, after the Italian nationalist. Timuquana Manor, just east of Roosevelt Boulevard, was platted in 1942, mostly to provide housing for personnel at the nearby Jacksonville Naval Air Station. The name Timuquana derives from the native Indians, the Timuquas, who were living in the area when the first Europeans arrived in the sixteenth century.

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