Combining the best of both worlds, this is the most stress-free option, the most thorough and the most chosen. By choosing our Lease + Property Management service, we will find you the best possible tenant, handle all of the arrangements prior to move in and start to manage you property the day the lease starts. You can just sit back and collect your money.
Once your property is rent ready, we will:

Advertise and Find a Qualified Tenant

Rental PartnersEach day your property is vacant, money is flowing out of your pocket. We know this to be true and aggressively advertise to lower your vacancy rate. With us, your property is advertised on almost 20 different websites within 24 hours of us taking photos of your home. Potential tenants can view inside and out pictures 24/7 and make online inquiries that will be quickly answered. Prior to advertising your property, our licensed real estate agents will help you by:

1 Giving you FREE advise on what to do to get your home Rent-Ready and as to what to expect during the process. Showing your home once it is rent ready almost always guarantees a faster rental to a qualified tenant!
2 Setting a realistic rental price so that your home is competitively priced in an ever changing market. Our agents will give you a free comprehensive rental analysis based on recent rentals, sure footage rental prices, neighboring schools, access to transportation and market rental rates.

Answer Inquiries in a Prompt Manner

Rental PartnersEach of our licensed real estate agents will answer inquiries from prospective residents by phone, email or text. Each property will receive and online presence full of photos and a detailed description as well as a yard sign with contact information. That way, you can relax while we field all of the calls.

Schedule Showings

Rental PartnersWhen prospective tenants find your home online or via a drive by, they will immediately want to schedule an appointment. That is why our agents are on call throughout the day and weekends. They are very responsive and will show your property in a professional manner each time an appointment is made. This exact part of the Lease Only Service will save your hours of time and headache.

Screen and Qualify All Potential Tenants

Rental PartnersBe aware that placing the wrong tenant will costs you lots of money in the long run. Money that you could have used to pay for someone else to property manage. That is why every tenant application is evaluated on their previous tenancy, their existing income, their length of employment, their background and criminal check and most importantly, their credit check. All of our screening complies with all applicable laws including Fair Housing. If the prospective tenant does not come back as completely qualified, then the you, as the homeowner, will have the last say in the approval process.

Preparing a Lease

Once a tenant has been approved, a lease will be drawn up for signatures. The lease will be reviewed and signed by you, the homeowner and then sent to the tenant(s) for signature as well. This is an easy online process and a completed copy with all signatures will be emailed for you to print and saved. Your leasing agent will manage all of the signatures and what goes in the lease. He/she will work with you to get all needed requested information properly on the pages. During lease signing and move in, your leasing agent will also collect all monies due in accordance to local laws and will distribute all checks (confirmed funds of course) to you on move in date or later.

Collecting All Monies

Prior or move in, your agent will have already collected an amount equal to one month’s rent. If we found a tenant for your home, then this amount will be converted to our fee at move in day-so technically, no out of pocket fees from you will be due. On move in day, we will retrieve, in confirmed funds, the deposit, any pro-rated rental amount due and any pet fees due (if any). All pro-rated fees and pet fees will be distributed the the homeowner on the 11th of the next month (when statements are finalized). The following month, the homeowner will receive all rental monies due minus the property management percentage…usually 10%. This will continue for the duration of the lease.

Conducting A Walk Through/Move In-Move Out Inspections

If we are managing your property, our agents will be sure to take thorough photos when they arrive for marketing and managing purposes. Once the tenant has been placed, they will be given a move in condition form which must be turned in with their first week of tenancy. This form is also used upon move out, along with the original photos taken prior to move in, to access any tenant damage (other than normal wear and tear) that needs to be deducted the tenant’s deposit.

Maintenance Issues

One the day that the tenant moves in, we officially start to manage your property. Should a pipe bust in the middle of the night or a toilet start to leak, we will be the one to field the calls and disperse a tech. You, simply, get to relax. All standard maintenance issues that are over our landlord’s maintenance reserve (usually $300) must be approved in advance by the homeowner. You will be contacted, usually with an estimate, and asked how you would like to proceed. All emergency calls are handled by our staff between 5:00pm and 8:00am (and on the weekends) ensuring that your property is being watched.

Monthly Rent Collections

Our standard lease states that all rents are due on the 1st and late after the 3rd. If rent is not received by the third, then we have dedicated staff that start to call, email and post notices as a reminder that the tenant’s rent is due. If any rent is not collected by the 10th, then the homeowner is noticed and explained of the circumstances surrounding the late rental payment. We do this as we do not want our landlords surprised when they receive their statements. We try our best to get signed promises to pay from any tenants that are having difficulty paying rent. If the tenant has not made a payment after a 3-day notice of education has been placed on their door, then the landlord will have the option to evict.

Monthly and Yearly Reporting

AS a landlord, you will receive a monthly statement of your account via email on the 11th of every month. Funds will be automatically distributed to your banking account should you sign up for ACH deposit. All landlords will also receive a 1099 at the end of the year. Your monthly reports will detail any expenses and your 1099 will detail your income. Combine them both and simply turn them in to your accountant. For larger apartment buildings a more intensive statement will be provided.

Online Payment Options

To make life easier and to ensure more timely payments , we are proud to offer online rental payment options to all of our tenants and ACH direct deposits to our landlords. However, do keep in mind that we still must wait a period of approximately 5 days before we can release any funds from the tenant to the landlord so as to make sure the funds have cleared the bank.

Positive Tenant Relations

Something that seems so trivial means a lot to our tenants. With Rental Partners, our tenants are constantly being communicated to with monthly reminders about “whats Happening” in the community as well as personalized attentive service in regards to questions or concerns that they may have. Many of our tenants have been in their rental homes for 3+ years…for just this very reason…which ensures more money in our landlord’s pockets in the long run for sure.

Late payments

If a tenant is late for any reason, our dedicated staff is on top of finding out why in a timely manner. Calls and emails start to be fielded after the 3rd and notices will be posted on doors if after the 5th. We make all of our landlords aware of any issues that might cause a rental payment to be tardy and try to get any issues resolved quickly as to forego any evictions. Communication is often the key ingredient here.

Enforcing Policy and HOA Rules

Sometimes tenants find no harm in having 5 cars in one driveway, 3 swing sets and a clothes line in the back yard. It sounds far fetched, but it does happen. Some do not want to mow the yard for two weeks and others believe a gas grill on a 2nd story condo is a good thing. This is where we come in. By providing them with a tenant handbook of basic rules and regulations as well as going over many of these prior to move in, we help to ensure examples like this do not occur. We also encourage all landlords to give his/her neighbors our business card just in case they see something that needs to be brought to our attention. We try to handle all HOA issues and ask that all landlords provide their HOA with our information so any future notices will be received in a timely manner that need attention.

Periodic Inspections

Rental Partners wants to take care of your home just as you would. We ask that all tenants notify us of any issues immediately as they occur. Our staff is always out and about doing walk throughs, move out inspections or simply moving in new tenants. We make it a priority to drive by our rental homes during our trips to designated areas. We also try to alert our homeowners of any yearly maintenance that needs to be done just for regular upkeep (i.e.: tree trimming, mulch, pressure washing, etc..)


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