Rental Partners offers referral opportunities to other licensed agents throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area.

With our agent referral program, we promise to never keep your client! We are only interested in property management and tenant placement. So when you have a client that needs a property manager for a year or two until they are ready to sell, partner with us!

Not only will you retain your client and sell their house after they rent it for a while, but we will pay you 25% of the first month’s rent on any full management and 10% of the first month’s rent if it is tenant placement only.

If you simply have a client who can not afford to buy for another year or two, send them to us to find them a rental. Our agents will be glad to share a 10% commission should we place them and you can continue to work with them to find them a future home

Send us a referral by completing the form below. Florida law prohibits us from paying referral fees to anyone that is not a real estate agent. Please provide us with your contact information as well as your referral’s contact information so we can make sure to express our appreciation!

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